Not your mother's podcast

Not your mother's podcast



How can we be better to ourselves? From getting more exercise and drinking more water, to indulging in sugar-free cocktails and giving in to some good old-fashioned carbs. What’s the big deal about “me time”?

Self Care for Moms

We discuss our guiltiest pleasure television shows from the silly to the steamy, and we chat about our tried and true favorites.

Shows to Binge During Quarantine

How to connect with your empathy to be a positive influence on others. From authenticity to vulnerability, what can we do to be better human beings?

How to be a Positive Influence

How do you know when it’s time to end a friendship? What do you do when it’s time to end it, and why should we be kind to ourselves when we outgrow a friendship?

When to End a Friendship

What can we do to understand what our calling in life is? We discuss what it takes to know our life’s purpose, and techniques to use today to determine our focus for the future.

How to Know Your Calling

We discuss the most heinous things you could ever say to another mom, and what you should do instead. 

5 Things You Should Never Say to a Mom

If you could go back and say something to your 20-something-year-old self, what would you say? What about going forward in time…do you have anything you’d like to say to your future self?

Lessons for My Younger Self

We all slip-up. Whether it’s a diet we start and stall on, or a routine we fail to follow…we all have our days where we just mess up. Instead of falling into the routine of negative self-talk about our slips, what can we do to show ourselves grace instead?

The Guilt of the Slip-Up

How do we get ourselves out of overthinking, and start to trust our instincts? Is that little voice in our head reliable? Kristin shares her 3-day plan for decision making, and how to get out of instinct overload.

How to Trust Your Instincts

Shanna gives Kristin an update on her most recent paramour, and they chat about what makes a gentleman so appealing. 

The Art of Courting

Join us as we meet with our girlfriends for laughter, drinks, and summer recipes. We share recipes for a fruity summer salsa, easy orange chicken, grill-friendly eats, and two delicious margaritas!

Happy Hour and Summer Recipes

Shanna’s having a day…and needs to chat it out with Kristin. We get so caught up in being good parents, we often forget the toll it takes on our mental health. So, we chat through the good and bad of parenting, why we feel burnout, and how we can give ourselves a break.

Parenting Burnout

Kristin and Shanna talk about the importance of supporting each other, the root cause of why we don’t, and how we can do better.

Women Supporting Women

Shanna tells Kristin about her experience with dating, and how she’s dipping a toe back into the dating waters. How do we date during a pandemic? How does online dating work when you’re getting back out there?

Dating Over 40

Shanna and Kristin discuss the challenges of making friends when we no longer have the convenience of meeting people in a ‘normal’ way. How do we make friends, good friends, as adults?

How Do We Make Friends as Adults?

Kristin and Shanna discuss whether sharing goals and dreams with others is a motivating factor in achieving success, or whether it stalls your passion.

Should You Share Your Goals With Others?

Shanna and Kristin chat about what causes stress, how to manage when life gets overwhelming, and the direct link between stress and illness.

When Life Overwhelms

Kristin and Shanna talk about being good enough, the perfect mom image, and why ‘let it go’ isn’t just a song from Frozen.

Good Enough

Today Shanna and Kristin talk about what makes a good mom, the idea of feeling ‘mom-shamed’ at work, and we share our Rx for the week.

What Makes a Good Mom?