Welcome to SuperMomMD

As a mom of 2 young boys and an aspiring medical student I understand the struggle that comes with getting into medical school.

SuperMomMD is here to help inspire and help those who are nervous about applying to medical school. You could be at any point of this long and rewarding process. I hope to help and inspire you no matter where you are in the process or your personal circumstances.

Blog will contain Tips, inspiration, and advice on different subjects related to getting into medical school.

In addition, I will be posting about my personal journey of getting into medical school and juggling being a mom and wife.

I hope as a community on here we can inspire and push each other. Feel free to comment and/or ask questions.

I ask that everyone be positive and respectful of one another. Please review my post “Before you Comment” to see guidelines I hope you all will be respectful of.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to SuperMomMD

  1. PuppyDoc (Phoebe) says:

    Hi! I see you graduated from Georgia State? I actually worked at Grady hospital for a few years and had friends on that campus, so I have many fond memories of running down the street to meet them there for lunch during my short breaks. 😀

    You have a wonderful blog here, and I commend you for reaching out to others who may be in your position. Certainly you will be an inspiration to many! Best of luck to you. 🙂



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