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Hi Guys and Gals,

My name is Cristina and I am a mother of two young boys and an aspiring physician. I plan on applying to start in 2018 so come next summer I am going to send my applications in. I’m excited but nervous :-/ I am currently studying for the MCAT (retaking it since my first try I didn’t have the time to study well for it, although I did get a 500 so not bad considering) and making sure my extracurricular activities look pretty good too.

I am going to document my journey along the way and offer my tips and advice on getting into medical school and juggling all the responsibilities you have. And when I do get into medical school I will continue giving tips and tricks on being a medical school student and resident.

I just want you all to know that you are not alone in this journey and there are a ton of people in your position who are stressed out about the MCAT and applying to medical school in general. I think we are all thinking am I competitive enough?

My current Stats:

  • Cumulative GPA: 2.65 šŸ˜¦
  • Institutional GPA (I was a transfer student): 3.64 šŸ™‚
  • MCAT: 500
  • Major: Neuroscience
  • Estimated Science GPA: 2.78 šŸ˜¦
    • After finishing up some prerequisites and Biochemistry: 2.9 maybe….

6 thoughts on “About Me-Your Blogger

  1. caribmd2be says:

    I had to go back and read the longer version of your story and just had to come back and say… KEEP GRINDING!!! I had a pretty crappy GPA my Freshman year. I’d gotten a football scholarship to Texas Southern University in 1989. Got down to campus and met this Nigerian track queen, Rosemary Nnamuka, who was 24 and the baddest chick on campus. I was 17 and my head was in the CLOUDS because she choose me. I finished summer term with a 3.6 GPA but when fall came, I didn’t do anything but go to practice, watch soap operas (Young & The Restless was my joint!) and hang out with Rosemary. I ended up with a 1.6 overall GPA (even got an ‘F’ in weight lifting! LOL) Spring term wasn’t any better and in short order, I lost my scholarship. My dad said that I needed to grow up and be a man so he wasn’t going to let me come home. My choices were homelessness or the military so I enlisted in the military. In 2005, I resumed my undergraduate studies at Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. I finished at ASU with a 3.25 in Microbiology / Biochemistry and at NAU, I finished with a 3.89 in Community Health / Sociology. Despite that, those grades from 1989 had to be explained. I let the admissions committees see who I was and how I had grown from the experience and in the end, I was able to spin it as a positive during my interviews.

    Your past DOES NOT define who you are today. As long as you can show that you have grown from the experience and have a plan to ensure that you don’t go down that road again, then you will reach your goal of earning the title, ‘physician.’ šŸ™‚

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  2. caribmd2be says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. There is no one set formula that will work for everyone in terms of getting into medical school. The biggest thing is to keep pushing, even when people tell you no. I will keep you in my prayers and I will expect to see a blog post about you starting classes in 2018! God bless.

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  3. Potential Doctor says:

    Your story is so inspiring! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you as you travel on your journey towards med. You can do it! You will be fantastic! I look forward to following your blog. All the best! šŸ™‚


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