Huggies, Pampers, or Other???

Hey Moms & Dads

Are you wondering what the best diaper brand is?

So this is my personal opinion and I know some parents will probably disagree with me.

So here it goes it all depends on the age of the child and sometimes even differs between children.

But my preference is From newborn until about 4 months I prefer Pampers. At around 4 months your baby will start moving around more and for what ever reason pampers just doesn’t hold up as well. But Huggies does the job from 4 months on.

THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION!!!!!!!! Huggies Ultra are absolutely AWFUL!!! Do not buy these crap of a diapers they use to come off all the time and hold absolutely nothing.

Now Other brands I guess are ok, except Sam’s Club somehow my youngest seems to piss right through them during his nap and I am constantly having to wash him up and change his sheets… UGH Another negative is that my youngest who has really sensitive skin seems to be getting a lot more rashes when wearing these.

Now when I say it depends on the child, it really can. So I rave about Huggies being the best after 4 months but my sister on the other hand would disagree for her youngest the huggies use to give her rashes and therefore they went to the cheap walmart brand and my sister claims it works great and didn’t give her child any rashes. But that was just for her youngest for her other two children she used huggies all the time (So yea HUGGIES WINS IN MY BOOK!)

Ok so I probably wasn’t much help but really every child is different and even you and I are different so we may have different preferences. I would just say try out different brands and see which ones work for you. There is no right or wrong on this.



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