What having a BAD Professor Taught me?

My time at GSU went pretty smoothly for the most part once I got adjusted. I was able to achieve straight A’s in two semesters straight and didn’t get lower then a B with the exception of one class. Molecular Biology… I got a big fat D!! ūüė¶ I was devastated but it was kind of expected. My professor for that class was just plain AWFUL. He would show up 10-15 mins late for every class and on top of that he spent most of the time talking about his wife, kids, and HIMSELF. He just seem uninterested in teaching the material. Never ever responded to emails, didn’t have scheduled office hours. I mean seriously the only thing good to say about him was that he was obviously highly intelligent, had a beautiful family (yea we got a whole slide show of family pictures lol) and he was pretty good looking himself. I thought to myself “I should have taken heed to those ratings on this guy.” I didn’t want to drop the class because that would only delay my graduation. Well let me tell you guys DROP THE CLASS delaying graduation would have been a better alternative.

Anyway I can’t put all the blame on the Professor… While he was just plain AWFUL in the end it was my responsibility to do whatever I needed to do to learn the material on my own. Which I was perfectly capable of doing but I decided to cop out and blame my bad grade on him.

So after I came to this conclusion I decided that if I ever had another bad Professor I would take learning the material into my own hands

So what should you do if you have a bad Professor?

  • If it is an option DROP or WITHDRAW from the class IMMEDIATELY
  • If there is another section available taught by a different Professor that you can attend switch to that class or at least attend their classes if that is an option.
  • Does your class section have attendance or participation points?
    • Yes: Sorry you have to attend class. Those points could be the difference between an A or B
    • No: Skip the class, Does not make sense to attend if you aren’t learning anything. Just go to the library or somewhere quiet to study and learn the material on your own.
  • Struggling to teach yourself? GET HELP
    • Free Tutoring may be available at your Institution
    • Ask help from a classmate or someone else who took it already
    • Contact another Professor who is teaching the same class and ask if they would be willing to meet with you for some help.
        • Simply say something like “I just don’t seem to be picking up on the material in the way my current professor is explaining it so wanted to see if you had a different way of explaining the material that I can better grasp.”

BOTTOM LINE: It is your responsibility to learn the material. Not your Professor, your classmates, friends, siblings or parents. Your an adult now right? Well nobody is going to hold your hand through life so you better start depending on yourself and yourself alone. 

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