So it’s Sunday morning and I woke up feeling completely overwhelmed. I felt like there is so much to do but so little time. My list is long: Clean the house, study for the MCAT, get registered for my missing prerequisite courses, find childcare, find a volunteer opportunity that I am truly passionate about, find an opportunity to work in a neuroscience research lab and on top of that as an Administrative Assistant working from home I have several clients who have projects I need to complete for them.

With this overwhelming feeling I decided to do a little meditation and just clear my mind of all of my worries for 10 whole minutes. Which is kind of hard to do when you have a 9 month old using you as their teething toy and an overly active 4 year old “fixing” the house with his hammer.

But I was able to do it and I actually felt much better. I just decided unless my children were in immediate danger I was going to zone the whole world out. So if you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, or just overly stressed just a take a few minutes and clear your mind. Don’t think about anything just let your mind go “blank” for a few minutes. Its like resetting your brain.

Tips on how to meditate (clear your mind)

  • First off if possible find a quiet place to sit down and relax
  • If possible grab that smart phone, smart tv, or computer and find some relaxing meditation music
    • I use Pandora and made a Meditation station (I use the free version)
  • Now once that’s on if you know how long you want to meditate for (I suggest 10 minutes) set a timer so you can be “awoken” from you meditative state.
  • Now sit down somewhere comfortable and close your eyes and clear your mind of everything… Don’t think about what you have to do, that funny video you saw on facebook.
    • If you are finding this hard to do try to focus on just one thing whether it be focusing on breathing in and out or open your eyes and just focus on one point of the wall or item.

Now with this said meditation can sometimes be difficult but with practice you can get it done. Meditation has many cognitive and physical health benefits. Don’t believe me? Well there have been multiple research studies supporting the idea that mediation has health benefits. I have linked a review paper if you want to see for yourself. (It’s a bit long but reading reviews and research papers is great practice for the MCAT)

For an Easier read I also included a magazine article.

Benefits of Meditation Review

Meditation Magazine Article

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