Very Cool Medical App

Hey Ladies & Gents,

So I was going to wait to include this in my review of the new MCAT app I am using to study but I could not wait. This app is so incredibly cool. I just had to tell you guys now.

So with out further a do here it is:

Touch Surgery – Medical App

This app is so cool for both the pre-med and current medical school student. I really don’t know how to explain this incredibly cool app besides the fact that it actually walks you through a bunch of surgical procedures that you can choose by specialty. It is highly technical and has a TON of information.  So yea basically it is a surgery simulation. (Now only if they get it to work with virtual reality glasses!!!)

The app is marketed as an app to allow the medical student to practice surgery anytime anywhere. They have the app for both the I-phone and android devices. Really its something you have to see for yourself. So download it and enjoy all the knowledge you are about to learn.

Pre-Meds have fun realizing how much knowledge you really are going to have to take in.

Current Medical Students: Great Resource to help in your current studying. You Welcome!!!


On a Personal Note

Hi Ladies & Gents

So I have been pretty MIA on here for the past couple weeks. But I am alive see:


I have been so busy with the little ones, studying for MCAT, writing my personal statement. I also took on a new project for one of my clients that has taken up quite a bit of my time since it requires a lot of researching and writing. But I am enjoying it because it is science-related.

I promise to get back to you on how my MCAT and Personal Statement is coming a long and of course tips/advice to go along with it. I am actually trying a new app to study for the MCAT which I have mixed feelings for at the moment but I will give you an update once I have used it a bit longer.

But anyway with everything I think there is a lesson to be learned… and from all this one thing I have learned is PRIORITIZING is key. So I figured I share how I prioritize. By the way I use excel for this. In fact I am addicted to excel. I try to use it for almost everything.

Steps for Prioritizing
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Am I a good parent?

So I have been struggling with this issue for a very long time. Pretty much since I went back to work with my first son, he was one. I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough… I wasn’t giving him enough attention, I wasn’t providing enough stuff (toys) for him, he didn’t have the fanciest clothes, and he wasn’t in a top notch daycare like Goddard. To this date I still feel this way even with my second born. It actually feels more intense because I am trying to split my attention between a 9 month old and a 4 year old. Then to top it all off I still work from home, I am a wife which also requires some of my attention, I am trying to prepare to apply to medical…. Phew I mean just typing this is making me exhausted.

I feel like I am being pulled in so many directions and therefore could be neglecting my motherly duties. I don’t go out much with the kids as I have to be at home and available to my clients during the day. I’ve been wanting to put my 4 year old in some extracurricular activity but it always seems like either there is no time or no money for it.

So am I a good parent? What is a definition of a good parent? I am certainly not the perfect parent. But I try… I try to make sure my two boys have the things they need, while maybe not the fanciest of stuff. They have food, they have clothes, they have a roof over there head and they have toys.

I came to conclusion that yes I am a good parent. Why? My children have the necessities, they are loved unconditionally, they are not abused, and all I want is the best I can possibly give them.

So if you are struggling with this same question: Am I a good parent? My answer to you is just by asking that question tells me that you are.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to afford everything for your child… Even if you made a mistake as a parent let me tell you we ALL HAVE. I don’t think anybody has this parenting thing down to a science. Just do your best for them and most importantly love them unconditionally.



Trump Wins! How this is going to affect the healthcare industry?

As a future healthcare professional I think it is important to keep up to date on whats going on in the healthcare industry. So now that Trump will be in the white house in just a few weeks what is to come for the healthcare industry.

*Note: This is just my opinion and my take on his proposed healthcare reforms. Feel free to drop a comment if you disagree or think I am missing something.

Well first Trump is a big supporter of Repealing Obamacare so that may mean a dip in those who are insured. Frankly that is bad news for the healthcare industry because now the pool of insured patients will be lower and they will be back to providing care to many who are uninsured.

Trump has also stated that there should be complete price transparency of medical procedures. Pro: Now we can shop around just like we do for other things and pick the best deal. But as we have found out with other things we get what we pay for. Con: Will this cause so much competition that it will actually decrease the quality of the service because healthcare providers are trying to cut costs? And of course in a medical emergency there is no time to look up deals on a medical service. So in the long wrong is it really beneficial?

Trump has proposed opening the pharmaceuticals industry up so that we can get safe imported drugs from overseas that may be cheaper. I like the idea but how will these drugs be determined as safe? People are already dying from buying counterfeit drugs online that come from other countries. But if there is a system to ensure the imported drugs are safe it could be beneficial to the healthcare industry because it will bring more competition and therefore drop the prices for drugs and medical supplies.

Likewise, he wants to open up state boarders so that healthcare insurance companies can sell across state lines. I am all for competition between states since more competition usually means lower prices and who doesn’t love lower prices?

All in all this sounds all good but lets see if he can really follow through. It seems to me that a lot of his proposed reforms are going to cost a lot of money and quite frankly the U.S just doesn’t have it. How much debt are we in again?

AMCAS Personal Statement

Hi Guys & Gals,

So it is now the second week of November, can you believe it! This year went by so fast. With that said I realized I needed to really start thinking about the AMCAS application. I know you are thinking the application isn’t even open yet and you have more then enough time to get prepared.

Well that may be true but I think now is the perfect time to start gathering and organizing your information.

So I decided that now is the perfect time to start working on my personal statement and hopefully I will have a draft done by the end of this month. Then in a month or two after I can come back to it and read it with fairly “fresh eyes” I can make any edits I deem necessary. (I think doing this really helps because I know I have read some of my work from classes I had in the past and I was like omgoodness I missed this or I should have added this.)

A few things I think you should keep in mind when writing your personal statement

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To D.O or Not to D.O

So as I go over all the options for how to get into medical school I keep of course considering Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine School. I keep going back and forth on this but I keep coming to the decision that I would rather go to school overseas (No not the Caribbean) then go to a D.O school.

Unfortunately, I can not get over the stigma that somehow D.O doctors are somehow less accomplished then MDs. The thing is I would not care less if my personal doctor is a D.O or not but I have other’s words in my head when I think of D.O medical school.

I use to work at a country club about 3 years ago and I had conversations there with some of the members and picking a doctor came up in conversation. They said that not only the school mattered to them but also if they were an MD or not mattered as well. I was astonished by this because I figured DO and MD were pretty much on a level playing field with maybe MD at a slight advantage.

This made me rethink my whole plan on applying to both DO & MD schools. I think now I will be applying to SMP programs (Back-up plan if all else fails), MD schools, and European Medical Schools.

I wonder what others feel about D.O doctors and whether my encounter with the members at the country club was just a one time incident or if others put preference of MDs over DOs.