To D.O or Not to D.O

So as I go over all the options for how to get into medical school I keep of course considering Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine School. I keep going back and forth on this but I keep coming to the decision that I would rather go to school overseas (No not the Caribbean) then go to a D.O school.

Unfortunately, I can not get over the stigma that somehow D.O doctors are somehow less accomplished then MDs. The thing is I would not care less if my personal doctor is a D.O or not but I have other’s words in my head when I think of D.O medical school.

I use to work at a country club about 3 years ago and I had conversations there with some of the members and picking a doctor came up in conversation. They said that not only the school mattered to them but also if they were an MD or not mattered as well. I was astonished by this because I figured DO and MD were pretty much on a level playing field with maybe MD at a slight advantage.

This made me rethink my whole plan on applying to both DO & MD schools. I think now I will be applying to SMP programs (Back-up plan if all else fails), MD schools, and European Medical Schools.

I wonder what others feel about D.O doctors and whether my encounter with the members at the country club was just a one time incident or if others put preference of MDs over DOs.


5 thoughts on “To D.O or Not to D.O

    • SuperMomMD says:

      I wanted to thank you for sharing this post with me. It was highly informative. I think I am going to apply to a few DO schools. I think that what most pre-meds including myself are concerned about are the residency options after graduation from DO schools. As I do not know exactly what specialty I want to go into I don’t want to limit my options if I do attend a DO school. Now I don’t know the statistics of DOs getting into certain specialties (I’ve been meaning to research it but haven’t gotten around to it) but if the statistics can show that a good number get into highly competitive specialties I think that the hesitation to apply to DO schools would decrease.

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  1. Victo Dolore says:

    I AM a DO. It ended up being a great choice for me. Many patients seek me out. I am board certified and such through the allopathic route and did an allopathic residency. I have not experienced any discrimination from my peers in any capacity. In the end, how good you are matters more than anything. I have MDs as patients. I would take anything I heard at the country club with a grain of salt…

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