AMCAS Personal Statement

Hi Guys & Gals,

So it is now the second week of November, can you believe it! This year went by so fast. With that said I realized I needed to really start thinking about the AMCAS application. I know you are thinking the application isn’t even open yet and you have more then enough time to get prepared.

Well that may be true but I think now is the perfect time to start gathering and organizing your information.

So I decided that now is the perfect time to start working on my personal statement and hopefully I will have a draft done by the end of this month. Then in a month or two after I can come back to it and read it with fairly “fresh eyes” I can make any edits I deem necessary. (I think doing this really helps because I know I have read some of my work from classes I had in the past and I was like omgoodness I missed this or I should have added this.)

A few things I think you should keep in mind when writing your personal statement

Personal Statement should really answer the big question: Why do you want to go to medical school?

Do not reiterate what is already in your application. So stay away from focus on your GPA and/or MCAT Score.

  • I think there is one exception to this: If you have a low GPA or MCAT, maybe briefly here you can describe what may have caused it and what you have done to change since then.
    • Careful don’t list a bunch of excuses really show that it was a learning period for you and you have matured and made the correct changes.

Also don’t cause the reader to have too many questions about  your fit for medical school. You want to answer the questions that you think they may have. Too many questions = rejection letter. You want to show you are fit for the job of a physician.

Its not necessary to use up all 5300 characters.  Unless you actually have that much information to share cutting it short is ok. Think about it would you rather have a short to the point essay or a long drawn out essay which is filled with unnecessary information.

And my final suggestion: Make your opening and your closing of your statement remarkable. Studies have shown that people actually only remember the first few things they read (Primacy) and the last few things they have read (Proximity) so try and format your statement so your best attributes are in the beginning and/or the end.

  • With that said DO NOT NEGLECT THE MIDDLE. Those reading your statement are human just like you and I, so they don’t want to read a dull paper. So try and keep them interested throughout the paper.

Bottom line:  Put yourself in the admissions committee members shoes. What if you had thousands of essays to read? What would you be looking for? What would wow you? What have you read a thousand times over from every applicant so now is completely boring to you…. WRITE ABOUT UNIQUE EXPERIENCES AND CHARACTERISTICS YOU HAVE THAT NO OTHER OF VERY FEW OTHER APPLICANTS HAVE. 

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