Am I a good parent?

So I have been struggling with this issue for a very long time. Pretty much since I went back to work with my first son, he was one. I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough… I wasn’t giving him enough attention, I wasn’t providing enough stuff (toys) for him, he didn’t have the fanciest clothes, and he wasn’t in a top notch daycare like Goddard. To this date I still feel this way even with my second born. It actually feels more intense because I am trying to split my attention between a 9 month old and a 4 year old. Then to top it all off I still work from home, I am a wife which also requires some of my attention, I am trying to prepare to apply to medical…. Phew I mean just typing this is making me exhausted.

I feel like I am being pulled in so many directions and therefore could be neglecting my motherly duties. I don’t go out much with the kids as I have to be at home and available to my clients during the day. I’ve been wanting to put my 4 year old in some extracurricular activity but it always seems like either there is no time or no money for it.

So am I a good parent? What is a definition of a good parent? I am certainly not the perfect parent. But I try… I try to make sure my two boys have the things they need, while maybe not the fanciest of stuff. They have food, they have clothes, they have a roof over there head and they have toys.

I came to conclusion that yes I am a good parent. Why? My children have the necessities, they are loved unconditionally, they are not abused, and all I want is the best I can possibly give them.

So if you are struggling with this same question: Am I a good parent? My answer to you is just by asking that question tells me that you are.

Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to afford everything for your child… Even if you made a mistake as a parent let me tell you we ALL HAVE. I don’t think anybody has this parenting thing down to a science. Just do your best for them and most importantly love them unconditionally.



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