Trump Wins! How this is going to affect the healthcare industry?

As a future healthcare professional I think it is important to keep up to date on whats going on in the healthcare industry. So now that Trump will be in the white house in just a few weeks what is to come for the healthcare industry.

*Note: This is just my opinion and my take on his proposed healthcare reforms. Feel free to drop a comment if you disagree or think I am missing something.

Well first Trump is a big supporter of Repealing Obamacare so that may mean a dip in those who are insured. Frankly that is bad news for the healthcare industry because now the pool of insured patients will be lower and they will be back to providing care to many who are uninsured.

Trump has also stated that there should be complete price transparency of medical procedures. Pro: Now we can shop around just like we do for other things and pick the best deal. But as we have found out with other things we get what we pay for. Con: Will this cause so much competition that it will actually decrease the quality of the service because healthcare providers are trying to cut costs? And of course in a medical emergency there is no time to look up deals on a medical service. So in the long wrong is it really beneficial?

Trump has proposed opening the pharmaceuticals industry up so that we can get safe imported drugs from overseas that may be cheaper. I like the idea but how will these drugs be determined as safe? People are already dying from buying counterfeit drugs online that come from other countries. But if there is a system to ensure the imported drugs are safe it could be beneficial to the healthcare industry because it will bring more competition and therefore drop the prices for drugs and medical supplies.

Likewise, he wants to open up state boarders so that healthcare insurance companies can sell across state lines. I am all for competition between states since more competition usually means lower prices and who doesn’t love lower prices?

All in all this sounds all good but lets see if he can really follow through. It seems to me that a lot of his proposed reforms are going to cost a lot of money and quite frankly the U.S just doesn’t have it. How much debt are we in again?

One thought on “Trump Wins! How this is going to affect the healthcare industry?

  1. caribmd2be says:

    I don’t suspect that the PPACA will be repealed in its entirety; there may be segments of it that will be repealed, but I believe that the core provisions will be maintained. On the subject of interstate insurance, that becomes a more sticky proposistion. The idea has been proposed in the past, but the main reason why it never gained much traction is that in addition to insurance plans providing employer and private-pay plans, they also provide plans for each individual states Medicaid and Medicare plans. Because those are state dollars, states such as California who have very robust Medicaid and Medicare plans are not going to want to provide access to residents from poorer states because that is going to take money away from California residents. In other words, states are not going to want to subsidize the healthcare of residents in other states. The only way that this will work is if the Federal government wants to dive deeper into the control of healthcare and the whole idea of repealing the PPACA is that the Feds should not be involved in mandating how states and individuals provide health care / purchase coverage. As to the issue of prescription pharmaceuticals, I don’t, in general, have anything against this. For example, in Arizona, when I worked for the Poison Control Center, all of the scorpion anti-venom that the state used came from Mexico because there was no on in the US who manufactured it. That being said, the FDA and USDA will need to work out a mechanism to ensure that the drugs coming from abroad are safe. However, Big Pharma in the US is going to fight this tooth and nail and I doubt any serious movement on that front will occur anytime soon.

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