What NOT to buy for baby?


So today I was cleaning up my house and throwing stuff we no longer use or never have used into the garage. I realized there was A LOT of stuff that we bought for baby that we hardly used. So I thought I would write about what you should not waste your money on because chances are you aren’t going to use or get very little use out of.

Baby Bouncer: bouncer1Trust me on this when I say it is a BIG WASTE OF MONEY. Neither of my son’s liked there baby bouncer and they would only stay in there for no more then 5 mins before I had to switch them to either there swing or their walker. My baby bouncer looks brand new straight out of the box.

The changing Table: 


Now, I know that some parents will probably disagree with me on this but really I hardly used this thing. I was NOT going to walk all the way upstairs or into his room just to change the baby. I changed him on the floor, couch, and bed. Way more convenient so the changing table didn’t get much use.

Those oh so cute Newborn and 0-3 month clothing: 


So for the first few months my little one was mostly in onsies and sleepers/pajamas. All those super cute outfits went to waste. My suggestion for shopping for baby is get mostly onesies and sleepers from newborn to 0-3 months. DO NOT stock up on cute outfits in this size.

Button up Sleepers/pajamas: 


So since we are on the topic of sleepers and pajamas DO NOT get the button up sleepers they will drive you absolutely insane trying to button them up just right after each diaper change. (They really should just discontinue the button up ones they are the worse.) Instead opt for the zip up ones. TRUST ME ON THIS. You will thank me later.


Baby Bathtub: now this is really a hit or miss. I think some parents really like it. But in my opinion you can skip this thing. Wash baby in the kitchen sink. And as a newborn a quick wipe down with a wash cloth should suffice. My husband and I have also just taken a shower with baby; where one of us gets in, washes baby and hands them over to the other while we finish taking a shower. So much simpler than having to fill up a baby bath tub. *Note: Be careful with the co-showering method. When baby is all soaped up, things can get slippery.


Bassinet: While my first son slept in the bassinet no problem my second wanted NOTHING to do with it. So I think this all depends on the baby and if your comfortable co-sleeping. Invest in a co-sleeper and I think you will be better off because there is no way to tell if baby will sleep in the bassinet or not until they are here and it’s kind of late by then. So just play it safe and go for the co-sleeper. I’ve never heard of a baby not wanting to sleep in the bed with mom and/or dad.


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