On a Personal Note

Hi Ladies & Gents

So I have been pretty MIA on here for the past couple weeks. But I am alive see:


I have been so busy with the little ones, studying for MCAT, writing my personal statement. I also took on a new project for one of my clients that has taken up quite a bit of my time since it requires a lot of researching and writing. But I am enjoying it because it is science-related.

I promise to get back to you on how my MCAT and Personal Statement is coming a long and of course tips/advice to go along with it. I am actually trying a new app to study for the MCAT which I have mixed feelings for at the moment but I will give you an update once I have used it a bit longer.

But anyway with everything I think there is a lesson to be learned… and from all this one thing I have learned is PRIORITIZING is key. So I figured I share how I prioritize. By the way I use excel for this. In fact I am addicted to excel. I try to use it for almost everything.

Steps for Prioritizing

  1. Make a list of everything you need to do and get done
  2. Write out any Deadlines/Due Dates next to each of the tasks
  3. Now order them with the tasks with the earliest due dates at the top & the farther due dates at the bottom and then the tasks that have no due dates
  4. Now evaluate the due dates/deadlines. Are they manageable?
    • No: Reevaluate the tasks and their deadlines. Can any of the deadlines be changed to a more manageable date with few or little consequences?
      • If you really don’t think that you can meet your deadlines/due dates and you can’t change them its time employ help from others (friends, family, etc.). People are more willing to help then you might think.
  5. Now focus on the ones at the top and work your way down. Everyday try and make progress or knock out one of the tasks that does not have a due date.


I know your thinking easier said then done. But really it can be done. I struggled for a while in learning to prioritize because in my head everything was priority and everything needed to be done NOW. The truth is that is just not the case and that type of thinking is what will cause you to feel stressed, overwhelmed & burnt out.

Its OK to neglect some of the less priority items. Its Ok to ask for help and it is OK to say NO to new tasks. It doesn’t mean you are failing or weak. Your not superhuman you can’t get everything done. Take a deep breath and refocus on those things that really matter.


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