Very Cool Medical App

Hey Ladies & Gents,

So I was going to wait to include this in my review of the new MCAT app I am using to study but I could not wait. This app is so incredibly cool. I just had to tell you guys now.

So with out further a do here it is:

Touch Surgery – Medical App

This app is so cool for both the pre-med and current medical school student. I really don’t know how to explain this incredibly cool app besides the fact that it actually walks you through a bunch of surgical procedures that you can choose by specialty. It is highly technical and has a TON of information.  So yea basically it is a surgery simulation. (Now only if they get it to work with virtual reality glasses!!!)

The app is marketed as an app to allow the medical student to practice surgery anytime anywhere. They have the app for both the I-phone and android devices. Really its something you have to see for yourself. So download it and enjoy all the knowledge you are about to learn.

Pre-Meds have fun realizing how much knowledge you really are going to have to take in.

Current Medical Students: Great Resource to help in your current studying. You Welcome!!!


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