Progress Report

Hey ladies & Gents,

So I know I was supposed to update you on my progress when it came to writing my personal statement & studying for the MCAT. Well lets just say…. It’s been slow moving on both fronts.

Personal Statement

So I started writing my personal statement last month and while I did get my basic story down I definitely need to go back and revise and really making sure it answers the question: Why medical school? I struggled a bit in trying to pick what was important to include and what wasn’t. I wanted to make sure that it told my story of perseverance but also did not want it to come off as if I was giving excuses and/or too personal.

My tips for starting your personal statement:

  • If you are struggling to start just start writing anything and everything that comes to mind.
  • Afterwards revise and pick out what really is important to include and really gives the best impression.
  • It’s ok to have multiple versions of a personal statement.
    • If you are anything like me I kept coming up with different ideas of how I could organize or tell the story. So just open up different word documents and write as the ideas come to mind. Cut & Paste is going to be your best friend at the end of this all.
  • BOTTOM LINE: Don’t get stuck in the details just write what comes to mind and then later you can go back and really take a look at the best way to organize your statement. Getting the content on the page is a great start especially when you don’t know where to start.
    • A lot of times they can start taking on a life/theme of its own.



So it seems like it is taking me an eternity to get through the Chemistry book. It definitely is my fault as I have not been as disciplined as I probably should and could be (DAMN YOU CANDY CRUSH!). Also seems like my children have been needier then usual 😀 so only time I could study is early morning or late night. I also know that Chemistry is my weakest subject and considering I have not even taken OChem II yet and the last time I took OChem I was in 2010 I believe :-O .It has been a struggle to grasp the concepts. Especially the Reactions. (Like how am I suppose to know what the product is going to be, it could react there, there and there… so technically it could be all these answers :-/)

But anyway I’m almost done with Chemistry study and I know the other books should be able to go pretty quickly as it should mainly be review. My next subject will be Physics and now that I have actually taken physics I think it will actually be easier for me to grasp then the first time I studied for the MCAT.

So the MCAT app that I mentioned in an earlier post is MCAT Mastery and I can tell that I am just going to have a love/hate relationship with this app. I will do a more detailed description on the Pros & Cons of this app soon.

Bottom Line: Its a great app to study when your on the go and helps you easily track your strengths and weaknesses. So yea go ahead and buy it but not for the extravagant price of $30 they have it listed for. Download the trial version and I can bet in a week or so they will have it at a discounted price of $14.99. So definitely wait for that.

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