When it rains it pours..

Hey everyone,

I have been MIA yet again and I am sorry. But the reason being is my new year didn’t start of to the grand start that I was hoping for. It seems like I got one bad news after the other.

I ask for prayers for my family who has had a multitude of health crises so far this year. In particular I ask you to pray for my grandmother. She was given 1 more week left to live. I know that she has only been existing up to this point with her eyesight gone, her hearing already bad, and mobility issues due to stroke.. It does not make the news any easier. While I was planning my trip back to Arizona so I could see her my oldest son had a seizure at school. When rushed to the hospital they could not find a reason behind it and chances are he will have to go back on medication after a year of being seizure free while off meds. It was disheartening of course.

And of course the bad news didn’t stop there. Friday my dad was admitted to the hospital with possible kidney failure. I hoping the bad news is over now as enough is just enough but I know at least one piece of bad news is still to come when my grandmother does “Go Home”

Through it all I am trying to be strong not only for myself but for my family who is not handling all this bad news well at all and is frequently calling me to see when I will be back in Arizona to help the family.

Lesson to Learn: You can’t let things that are out of your control stress you out. You must let it go and only deal with the things that are in your control. Keep moving forward and even though it seems like the bad news will never end. Trust me it will. Even if you hit rock bottom think positively and remember now the only way to go is back up.

I hope everyone else’s New Year has been filled with blessings and if not please don’t let it take you over just keep on going and know that you will come out of this slump.



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