Natural Remedies vs OTC & Prescription Drugs

So my youngest has been sick for going on almost 2 weeks. We were prescribed Tamiflu and Zofran about a week ago. My little one just wasn’t getting better even with the medicine. That is when I decided to try natural remedies instead. I whipped up a concoction of lemon grass, basil, mint, garlic, and honey. I let my little one sip on a bit over a couple hours yesterday.  Well after only a day and a half he is almost all better. Just a slight runny nose.

So are natural remedies better then those that can be prescribed? I am still on the fence on this one but I am leaning towards yes in some cases natural remedies are much better.

As an aspiring physician I think that it is important to keep an open mind when treating patients that prescription drugs are not always the one and only answer for treatment.

Perhaps using both natural & prescribed treatments can  enhance treatment in some ill patients.

I know I’m sounding like a naturopathic physcian… But I am not, I just understand there are benefits of both prescription drugs and natural remedies and all physicians should keep an open mind so they can best treat their patients.



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