Progress Report II


So last time I checked  in I let you guys know that I was struggling my way through the Examkrackers Chemistry book. Well I am glad to report that I am FINISHED!!! Finally. So I am moving on to the physic book but I am still practicing chemistry questions using the MCAT Mastery App.

Also classes have begun and I am currently enrolled in Ochem II Lecture and Ochem I Lab and Ochem II lab. Talk about Organic Chemistry Overload!! I can only hope that it will further solidify everything for me on the subject of Chemistry.

Oh how I dislike Ochem so much!! It was a rough start (I completely failed bmy first quiz) But after  some reevaluation and putting in a lot of study hours in and practice, practice practice I have got A’s on all exams so far and A’s and B’s on quizzes.

With that said just know its ok if you struggle at something. You just know that is your weak point and you are going to have to put a lot of effort into it compared to those subjects that you are good at. I know this semester is going to be a rough one but I am prepared to put it the hard work as should you.

As for my personal statement it is still most definitely a work in progress.

I definitely did not think that the personal statement would be so difficult to write but I honestly think its the hardest part. You are selling yourself and I have never really been good at that because I have never seen myself as being better then anybody else so it’s hard for me to pinpoint what makes me unique and exceptional. I may have to employ help on this as everybody seems to see something in me that I fail to see in myself.


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