Studying & Parenting at the same time!

Many of my classmates are often impressed by how I can achieve the grades I get when I have 2 young children at home. They always say “if I had kids there is no way I could find time to study. ”

But here is the thing we always say that there is no chance we could do something but then when put in the situation we adapt. Well I have definitely adapted.

  • My mommy senses have grown. (Yea, I know what there doing even when I can’t see them).
  • My ability to zone out my surroundings is exceptional. (You don’t hear the loud children beating on their play drum set? NOPE!)
  • Multi-tasking should be my middle name (Ever tried breastfeeding a hungry baby, studying and trying to teach your 4 year old there numbers all at the same time?)

Now I can not take all of the credit. I do get help from my husband when ever he is not at work. Now if your a single mother, more power to you. I don’t know how you manage to do everything yourself.

I have also overtime learned tricks of the trade to be able to find time to study. Here are my top tips for finding the time to study when you are also a parent.

  1. During your commute to school or work.
    • If your driving:
      • Record lectures and/or yourself reading your notes and play them back in the car
    • If your kids are in the car:
      • Give them something to do quietly in the car like coloring, give them a snack, or even a tablet with headphones to keep them quiet.
      • Play the quiet game. Yea this works like charm with my son! He loves to beat his mom and win so he stays quiet the whole ride.
    • If your taking bus or train
      • Use this time to look at flash cards, notes, past homework, study sheet. Whatever it is that you use to study. Even 10, 20 mins can be a difference between an A or a B. (BY THE WAY THIS IS MY FAVORITE WAY TO STUDY)
  2. Kid-Friendly Place (Caution: your ability to zone out and focus must be excellent)
    • Bounce house facility, arcade or a trampoline facility is a great place to be able to let your children loose while you sit there and do some school work.
      • A lot of these places even have free wi-fi so bring your computer.
      • If you live in Atlanta, Monkey Joes is an affordable place to take the kids.
    • The Park
      • Now this one is all about preference. I prefer parks that have somewhat of an enclosure so I don’t panic when I take my eyes of my children for awhile then look up and can’t find them.
  3. Become a Night-Owl
    • So this one I use all the time. When I put the kids to bed I go right to studying. My children go to bed relatively early 8-930 PM the latest so this works great because. I don’t usually feel sleepy until about midnight anyway.
    • This also works if your children are young and take naps.
  4. Take your study materials where ever you go. 
    • You never know when you may have a spare moment to study even just for a few minutes. A few places I have been able to squeeze a few extra study sessions in are
      • Appointments: It can be a pain to sign in & then have to wait to be seen, so why not just use that time to study.
      • Waiting in the ER (Son is epileptic so have spent A LOT of time in ERs trying to get them controlled)
      • At Work (I don’t suggest this for everyone because you could get in trouble for doing this while being on the clock but your breaks and lunch are fair game)

I hope these tips can help you find more time to study. If you have any more ideas that you think I missed feel free to leave a comment or contact me. 

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