On weaning, cloth diapers, and other big changes

by MaryBeth

Hello again and happy weekend! I love how quiet the house is on Friday evening after everyone is in bed. Heading into Saturday morning can prolong the bedtime routine, but I appreciate the sense of excitement and anticipation of fun times ahead.

For now, at least.

In a little over one month, my weekends will no longer belong wholly to my family. For a very long time my brain will volley between learning medicine and being a wife and mom.

Because of the big changes ahead, we decided we could no longer keep up with cloth diapering, which we did to a large extent with our three kids. The diapers served us well: The same set of 20 bumGenius Freetime diapers were worn by all of my babies for a year or more each. I was a bit emotional as I passed them on to a new family this week, but simplifying in this way will help us save time for more important things.

My baby daughter also seems to be getting the message that change is coming: She is losing her patience for nursing. Save for one relaxed feeding in the early morning, she now prefers bottles and lots of solid food. At nearly 11 months old she’s very mobile and curious, and she generally needs me less (except to remove choking hazards from her mouth). She might very well be my last baby, which means I could be nearing the end of my time as a nursing momma. Sigh.

Our family is about to go through more change than we’ve ever faced all at once. I am starting medical school after a year at home, my littlest baby is about to wean, walk, and start daycare, my oldest is transitioning to a dual-language elementary school for his last year of Pre-K, and my husband is also taking classes this summer (while continuing to work). In a few months’ time we’ll be following a whole new routine and we’ll spend less time together as a family.

Whether I like it or not, I’m currently feeling sad and anxious about the huge transition that looms ahead. But it’s not all bad–I’m also feeling hopeful. I have no doubt that all of this change will bring interesting and exciting new dimensions to our lives. My goals between now and Day 1 of med school are these: be thankful for the past but don’t dwell on it, live and breathe in the present moment, and make plans that will help me kick butt in the future.

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