MCAT Test Day!

Well the day has come and I am retaking my MCAT today. I got a 500 on my last test with very little studying. So I am hopeful that with a bit more preparation that I can get a better score.

I believe that the MCAT requires both knowledge of topics and strategy for taking the test. I believe I was lacking in both areas on my last test. I had not completed Organic Chemistry nor Physics, which showed and was my lowest section.

When it came to strategy I don’t think I had any besides these basic test-taking tips:

  • Read passages for understanding and think about the whole time what sort of questions could be asked (you really don’t want to have to go back and re-read)
  • If your stuck on a question skip it and come back to it.
  • Keep your eyes OFF THE CLOCK instead use your own internal clock to know if your spending too much time.

So besides that I did not have any strategy. These are somethings I thought about after the fact:

  • Scratch paper can be your best friend 
    • If you are having trouble remembering some key core concepts/formulas review it immediately before entering the test-taking center and once at your testing station write it down immediately on the scratch paper given.
    • Write down some key info from the passages (make it quick only a few words)
    • Yea I did this and I ended up in the middle of my test having to really go and rushing through questions
  • Only take breaks if necessary
    • If you are on a roll and really in the zone then skip the break and keep it going.
    • Feeling exhausted or warn out take that break and try and recoup.
    • Also take it if the next section you want some time to think about the subject matter and “refresh” your memory before starting.

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