Academic Fresh Start Texas Program

So, I got a few questions from a couple of readers after the introduction of Mary-Beth about the Texas Fresh Start Program. First off no Mary-Beth did not use this program but as some have showed some interest in it I decided to look into it and explain it a bit.

It is a unique program for Texas residents that allows all courses that were taken over 10 years ago to be for all intents and purposes ERASED.

If you are a non-traditional that had a bad undergrad this sounds like an amazing option to essentially get a second chance and not have to get a full semester of A’s only to have your GPA rise by a measly .02 points. 😦

What’s the catch?

  1. It is ALL or NOTHING if you do this you don’t get to choose what classes to keep and which to restart. ALL GRADES from 10+ years will be erased and they won’t count towards prerequisites nor your GPA.
  2. Only will help if your using the TMDSAS (unfortunately AMCAS will still want all your coursework and they will calculate it into your GPA)
  3. Must be a Texas Resident

While the benefits of this program are obvious there are some things that must be considered.

  • The amount of financial aid you qualify for is still determined by ALL credits taken even those that were “erased”
    • So please make sure that you qualify for enough financial aid or can pay for the total amount of time required for your degree
  • Other Graduate programs have different policies of how the Academic Fresh Start coursework will be counted
    • It’s a safe bet that if it is a PUBLIC Texas School then it will apply as this is a Texas Law

This is a great option if you plan on applying to only Texas schools, are financially able to support the 3+ years required, and all your bad courses are 10+ years or older.

With that said in my own opinion if you already have a Bachelors degree you may be better off just getting into a Masters program which will only take you 1 or 2 years to complete and your more recent grades will obviously have more weight than 10+ years ago. Although you must do exceptionally well in your Masters to make the argument of how you have changed from your frivolous early college years.

There are a few universities in other states that offer similar fresh start programs but I don’t see how it would help you in getting into medical school unless AMCAS adopts new policies and if TMDSAS recognizes fresh start programs from other states.


More Information:

TMDSAS Fresh Start Policies

Texas Fresh Start Law

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