Hey, I am Cristina!

If you want the Short Story about me see my About Me-Your Blogger post

The Long Story

I am a wife and a mommy of two young boys 1 year old and 5 years old. I graduated from Georgia State University (GSU)  in 2016 with a degree in Neuroscience. I was a transfer student from University of Arizona although I did complete some  classes at Rio Salado College. I graduated GSU with an institutional GPA of 3.64!  So you guys might ask “well why are you so concerned about getting into a medical school that GPA is not bad.” Well my OVERALL GPA is a very low 2.65 😦 And I would have to do another 65 credits of all A’s just to get it to a 3.0. *sighs……

So how did I get to this point?

Well lets start from the beginning. I was raised by a single mother. She struggled to make a better life for me. Early on we were on TANF and paying for living expense with loans while she struggled through nursing school. She finally made it and life did get a little better although she was always working and even for a couple years was working nights so seeing her was really only on her days off or the weekends. I did go to work with her some of the times and my love of medicine really began to grow then. I volunteered at an early age in a nursing home and LOVED IT.

High School

I was a pretty good student and ended up graduating from High School a semester early. This is despite technically being homeless at 15. I was staying at friends houses and finally lived with my aunt. My mother and I had a very volatile relationship growing up and despite trying to work things out it never did so out of the house I was sent. Anyway I ended up finishing high school online so I could help take care of my grandmother for my last year of high school. Did my Senior project on Cerebral Aneurysms (10 page paper and a presentation in front of a group of people), I also was able volunteer at a hospital.  I graduated  in 2008 with an overall 3.5 GPA and was awarded the State’s Regents Tuition Waiver Scholarship and the Macbook award from U of A.

I know your wondering OK…. What in the world happened then? You were on the right track to success. Yup, I sure was and I thought yea nothing can stop me now. Well boy was that farther from the truth. A lot happened during that time.


My first semester in college went Ok. But being overly confident in my intelligence my second semester was a little bit of a struggle. My study habits…. Wait that’s right I didn’t have any. High School was such a breeze to me I didn’t form good study habits. Well i ended up getting an F in Calculus II and B’s and C’s in my other classes. Only highlight for me that year was that I donated my kidney to my boyfriend at the time, which was a wonderful feeling. But the way 2009 ended is not how 2010  started.

It was by far THE worse year for me. My relationship with that same boyfriend began to fall apart. It became abusive both verbally and physically. But for whatever reason I continued to try and stick it out. The situation began to affect my performance in school. Achieving very few good grades if any at all. Then finally in Spring 2011 I got all F’s. Not because I just didn’t grasp the subject matter but because I had to stop going to classes altogether. Not going to get into the details of this but lets just say that the abusive situation escalated so out of fear I stopped going to classes not realizing at the time I had the option to have an emergency withdrawal.

Anyway to top it all off I got Pregnant around the same time. As the thought of having an abortion brought me to tears I decided to keep the baby and stay with my boyfriend. Our baby boy was born December of that year. I returned to school via Rio Salado taking mostly electives with the plan to re-enroll at U of A.

Instead I ended up moving to Atlanta in July 2012 with my son and boyfriend. It was suppose to be a new start for us and hopefully the unhealthy status of our relationship would change. Instead I think it got worse. I was isolated I knew absolutely zero people in Atlanta. Ok so lets hit the fast forward button. At the beginning of 2013 I FINALLY made the decision to leave the abusive relationship I was in. I packed up what I could in a few bags and left with a police escort. The tipping point for me was my baby boy crying and watching in fear as he saw his daddy assault me.I was enrolled in classes at the time but because my new focus was to start a new life for my son and I. I ended up failing those classes.

So there you have it that’s how my GPA dropped drastically.  When I started at GSU My GPA was 2.11 with 122 credits. Within my 2 years at GSU I was able to get mostly A’s and B’s, my one blemish was a D in Molecular Biology. I had a verrrryyyyyy BAD PROFESSOR who was always late to class and spent most of his time talking about himself and his endeavors instead of teaching. But that’s not an excuse for failing. More on that in What Having a BAD Professor Taught Me. I got pregnant again at the end of the Spring 2015 Semester with my second baby boy. Noooo, not with the same guy; remember I left him. I got pregnant with my now husband. I went through Summer Classes & Fall Semester  being very preganant. I was scared because I was due in the first few weeks of my last semester (Spring 2016). I ended up having him on a Thursday and returned back to school that very Monday. My teachers and classmates didn’t even realize I had given birth at first :-D.

So anyway here I am now in 2017 with two young boys, married and trying to navigate my way to apply to Medical school and can only hope that the medical schools will see my performance in my last 2-3 years of school as more important than all the rest.